Why You Should Rotate Shoes

800 miles on these bad boys.

(way more on the legs)

Question: Why do shoes possibly need to be replaced before they fall apart?


The sole on thicker cushioned shoes will both compress and wear away over time, likely under the heel, lateral midfoot, and big toe for many runners.

This is normal, but overtime the compression and wearing will exaggerate your normal foot movements, potentially skewing your amount of pronation or the timing of resupination, taking them away from baseline.

When runners report that they know when to replace shoes based on how their knees feel, this is partially to blame!

A method of combating this (and getting more mileage out of your footwear) is to not exclusively run in a single pair of shoes. Using 2-3 different pairs (do not have to be different models, but best to be) will load your feet different each run, so your foot is not always being stressed the same way by the same old pair of shoes.

This shoe variety will spread out the loading and activation pattern that your feet go through, potentially lowering your injury risk while getting more life out of your shoes.



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