About Us

Skora was an idea long before it was a brand. In the early 2000's, before the minimal shoe boom, its founder was a broken runner and discovered the benefits of being barefoot.

SKORA was developed as a shoe that copies the way feet interact with the ground, while still providing the protection needed from the real world. First launched into the market in 2012, it became an instant hit and found its way into countless runners' hearts for its unique look, fit, and uncompromising quality.

Now, for SKORA in 2022 and beyond, the goal remains the same: bring the best footwear experience for those looking for something different. With a continued commitment to making award winning shoes, SKORA sits at the cutting edge of natural running and plans to make a positive impact on more runners than ever before.

Inspired by the human foot

Airmesh Signature lacing pattern 360 degree night visibility Durable rubber outsole