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A top-down photo of a pair of Skora Fit Shoes

Super-natural: Fit

Uses: gym, speed work, travel, ground feel, foot strengthening.

A balanced platform known as the "goldilocks" of the natural footwear space. More approachable than other “minimal shoes” with a "not too much, not too little" midsole foam.

The customer: the newly transitioned, or the fully transitioned looking for protection for more miles.

A side-angle photo of a pair of Skora Phase Shoes

Natural: Phase

Uses: Foot strength, beach/water, superlight, barefoot training.

A mimimal, balanced platform designed to challenge the wearer to be more effecient.

The customer: for the fully transitioned looking to maximize the amount of ground feedback for their activities and daily use. A person well on their way to foot peak foot health, using this daily for casual activities, or short, focused training.

A photo of a pair of men's Skora Kyori Shoes. One shoe is resting on the other such that only the bottom of the sole is visible, the other is displayed at a side-angle.

Transitional Cushion: Kyori / Pulse

Uses: Road running, tempo days, gym use, court sports, natural fit, durable outsoles, transitioning from high drop, stabilty or highly cushioned shoes.

Some drop with neutral cushioning and support. Our signature REAL technologies blend in to traditional concepts.

The customer: those looking for a more natural experience than traditional shoes or posted stability shoes. Lovers of the Skora Look, but don't want to wear minimal shoes all the time. The fit is most important, but it has to look good and stand out in a crowd.

Inspired by the human foot

Airmesh Signature lacing pattern 360 degree night visibility Durable rubber outsole