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Natural Movement

Our shoes imitate the shape and flexibility of the human foot, something that has never been achieved before. This unique design allows your feet to move naturally.

Real Sole

Unlike other shoes on the market, our rounded heel and forefoot edges promote natural movement and engage your neuromuscular system. This provides a sensation similar to being barefoot, without any unnatural guidance or fake stability.

Real Fit

Our shoes offer a foot-shaped and balanced platform, along with SKORA's unique offset lacing pattern and a soft heel cradle. This combination provides a snug hold and allows your foot to expand without friction. We strike a balance between giving your foot room to breathe and providing a surprisingly secure fit.

Real Flex

By designing our shoes to look and flex like a natural foot, we enable biomechanical compatibility. Lateral and longitudinal flex grooves complement the natural flex zones of your foot, allowing for unrestricted movement. Less restriction and guidance result in a better, more natural running experience.

A photo of Skora Phase running shoes from above A photo of Skora Fit running shoes from below
A photo of Skora running shoes in various colorways

Inspired by the human foot

Airmesh Signature lacing pattern 360 degree night visibility Durable rubber outsole