How to Run in the Wind


Running in the wind sucks.

But, the only other options on a windy day are to not run or run indoors. Also, sucky options.

So, let’s suck it up and run in the wind. Here’s how.

Know that it’s worth it

Yes, the wind sounds horrible from indoors. But keep telling yourself that you’ll be glad you went out, once you’re out running and that the weather always looks worse from inside.

Go into the trees.

Take your run to the forest! The trees will drastically cut down on how much wind you have to deal with. You may have to go to a new location for this run through the trees, which also adds for a new adventure.

Run into it first.

Plan your route to run into the wind first.

It’s going to be a long battle to the turnaround, but well worth it. Whatever you do, avoid going with the tailwind first. Few things are worse during a run than finishing into a headwind!

Forget about your pace.

The wind is going to slow you down. Period.

Best to forget a goal pace for this run and don’t mind if your easy pace is much slower than normal. That does not mean your run was any less effective!

Make a workout out of it.

Instead of doing hill reps, do reps into the wind!

Better yet, do hill reps into the wind! Talk about a serious workout, songs will be sung and it will go down in history. You may not get any Strava KOM’s from the run, but your legs will thank you on race day.

Wear sunglasses

Big gusts are going to be throwing up dust, so if you’re going out in exceptionally strong winds, throw on a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes.

Do you have any other tips for windy days?

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