Run Real. RUN SKORA.


Run on the road, on the trail, and on the treadmill. Run around town. Run errands. Run your life – in natural style.

SKORA is better athletic gear because it lets your body be its best. We design with performance in mind. We never compromise on our process, materials, or partners so you never have to compromise on your fit, style, or comfort.

Move to Natural

At SKORA, we look at things differently. We believe running shoes should be built to enable biomechanically correct running performance, with minimal interference. Our footwear lets runners run naturally.  Run Real is our ONLY design philosophy. 


If you're considering moving from a standard running shoe (10mm drop) to a minimalist running shoe, you may do this through an easy transitionary process.  

Here's what you need to know as you ease into low drop running shoes. 

6MM Drop (Skora Kyori)

A durable transitional daily trainer for those developing natural running technique. 

2MM Drop (Skora Pulse)

A welcome training partner for SKORA acolytes seeking a bit more cushioning than traditional minimalist trainers, with a lower profile ride and great stability.

0MM Drop (Skora Zero Drop)

It’s all in the name. Our classic minimalist running sneaker is designed for performances as nature intended.


Our RealFitTM design approach mirrors the foot’s natural shape. You get maximum comfort and freedom for your foot to move the way nature designed. So you can #RunReal.

All SKORA products are designed from a common sense, biomechanical feature/benefit analysis.  Skora shoes have only what is necessary to optimize the perfect performance assets of the human body,  and nothing more.  Every component on Skora footwear is designed to work in concert with the human body,  like an extension of the human body,  and allow athletes choosing the Run Real path,  to reach their training goals.