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our story

SKORA was born of necessity. Our founder David blew his IT band. He spent 18 months of rehab and thousands of dollars in orthotics and new shoes. In his search for a pain-free run, he learned about the virtues of barefoot running. When he allowed his whole foot to connect with the ground, he could go longer and experience less pain.

David realized that if he wanted to love his run again, it would take a new generation of running shoes. He began the journey of designing shoes that would give other runners a better option. SKORA shoes allow the foot to flex, have less heavy materials to get in the way of connecting with the ground and breathe completely.

Today, SKORA offers minimalist shoes for road, trail, gym, and everyday wear. We’ve got stylish performance apparel that completes your active wardrobe. And we ship it directly to you. David is still involved in every part of SKORA -- because he believes that everyone should have the chance to love the run.

Our Commitment

SKORA exists to help you run longer and with better form.

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