What are Muscle Knots?


Chances are you’ve rubbed someone’s shoulders and said “you have a knot” and have someone massage you and suggest the same.

Like dark matter, “knots” seem to be some universal truth that we don’t really know much about and assume to just be there.

But, have you ever actually wondered what a muscle knot is?!? Wonder no more!

Well, if you check the dictionary you’re going to find out that a muscle knot is a “highly irritable localized spots of exquisite tenderness in a nodule in palpable taunt bands of muscle tissue.” and that sounds about right. But what if we dive a little deeper?

Most often the general believe of what a muscle knot is are myofascial trigger points, or locations where muscle is contracting when you’re not consciously doing it.

However the cause and what they typically are is often different depending on the individual you ask. As the video below suggests, even what you think is a knot is simply an anatomical feature you cannot identify.

Whatever the the details of why or what they are, the answer to them is almost always going to be to rub something into them, be that hands, a ball, or a massage stick.


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