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The featured website today is Legs & Lungs

In the past I’ve never been sure how I wanted to dress. When I see people wearing business casual to the coffee shop, I often think, “they sure look nice”, and consider dressing up a bit. But being in Portland, maybe I should adopt the Portlandia hipster look or the outdoorsy L.L. Bean look? Hipsters wear second hand flannel and thick rimmed glasses. Runners wear track jackets with thumb holes, Polar heart rate monitors, and Oakley sunglasses. Every time I re-reconsider representing myself and dressing as a runner, something like Legs and Lungs comes along a reminds me that I’m proud to be an athlete!

L&L is a new brand out of Indianapolis, Indiana. While they have a very limited selection available at this time, their line is growing. Aside from apparel, be sure to watch or listen to the interviews and check out the photos!

I will let the creator, Scott Spitz, describe his brand and make you feel awesome for being a runner!

Legs & Lungs is a lifestyle clothing brand, yes, but only to the ends that we continue to inspire ourselves and others. We are the culture of superhumans.

Legs & Lungs embodies that distinct feeling of satisfaction and reward when the run is over, the legs have stopped turning and the body begins to rebuild itself.

L&L is the music we listen to. It is the coffee we drink. It is the books we read.

It is a wink and nod to those select others that finished 20 miles before the city woke up, burned more calories in one day than some do all week, and rest knowing we will be doing it all again the very next day.

We know the stories of the gods. We’ve read their exaggerated tales and laugh with the knowledge that our feats are no less heroic, but all the more real.

Legs & Lungs and the repetition of our efforts. Legs & Lungs and the expression of power. Legs & Lungs and an inspiration that never ends.

Be sure to check out their website and Facebook page!

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