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For the short course triathlete, seconds count.

Transition 2 from the bike to the run is a quick bustle of excitement and nerves.

Jumping off the bike, racking it, throwing your shoes on without thought, don’t forget to remove your helmet!

If you’re a triathlete considering a pair of our shoes, there is a best model.


Our FIT shoe is without a doubt the ideal footwear choice for a triathlete.

It is light

With a single-piece upper, we’ve reduced the weight of the shoe.

Super easy to put on

Grab the tongue, slide your foot in and forward, and quickly pull the heel up. It takes only a few seconds.


The single piece upper, being completely seamless, is a superb choice if you wont’ want to bother putting socks on during T2.


While it is not a racing flat, it does share characteristics of that shoe type and will feel absurdly responsive with its higher density sole (not a marshmallowy footbed).

Non-Triathlon Benefits

Aside from the features that make it a great choice for a triathlete, there are a few other reasons to check out the FIT. At $99.95, it’s our most economically priced shoe. It shares a high density rubber outsole design with FORM, making it an incredibly durable shoe. Finally, it may be our most comfortable model; often being compared to a slipper or moccasin.

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