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For the long haul.

Your SKORA shoes are a lot like your body. If you take proper care of them, they’ll last longer, feel better, and work better.

Wash your shoes the right way.

Traditional washers and dryers can damage athletic gear. Wash your SKORA shoes just like the feet your mama gave you -- hand wash them in warm water. You can even wash them in the shower and let them air dry.

We’ve already treated the leather.

Your CORE and FORM shoes are crafted with high quality sheep and goat skin leather from Pittards. It’s already pretreated, so all you have to do to wash them gently with warm water and allow them to air dry. No extra treatment needed.

Rotate your shoes.

If you can, keep two pairs of shoes so you can rotate them between each run. Just like you, your shoes need a little time to recover from the impact you put it under during the run.

*Because SKORA outsoles are made with a higher density midsoles and harder rubber, they’re more durable than traditional running shoes that have marshmallowy EVA. While a second pair is never a bad idea, SKORA shoes won’t need as long to recover from a run. (Just like you!)

Put your shoes on & take them off properly.

Tie your shoes to run -- and untie them to take them off? Loosening your laces makes it easier to remove your shoes and to put them back on. It also puts less stress on the structure of your shoes because you don’t have to yank on the soft, pliable area around the ankle.

Be gentle with your laces.

Speaking of tying your shoes -- it’s okay to pull your laces snug, but yanking isn’t nice. Your laces run through eyelets that are designed to withstand some tension. Because they are situated around the large gap in the upper where the tongue of the shoe is situated, they’re relatively fragile, and pulling too hard can create damage.

Take care of your SKORA shoes with these few simple cleaning and wear tips, and they’ll last longer and work better.


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