• The Ultimate Homemade Turmeric Tea Recipe


    I’ve been drinking turmeric tea since 2013 when I found a homemade tea recipe for it.

    More recently I’ve simply been purchasing regular ginger + turmeric tea and adding a few things to it to soup it up, however I managed to dig up the original recipe from Mickey Trescott to share with you here.


  • Inflexibility & Running Economy

    Being flexible get all the glory.

    Yet, is there such a thing as too much flexibility?


  • Best Shoes for a New Runner


    On our live chat here at the website, our customer service email, or on social media we’re frequently asked some variation of “what is your best shoe for a new runner?

    Below I’ll discuss how we answer this question.

  • Deadwood Mickelson Trail Half Marathon RR

    I’m not sure where to start with this one.

    The race did not go well at all, probably one of the most un-fun half marathon runs I’ve ever done.

  • How to Break 2:30 in the Marathon

    Now, it’s likely that most of the people reading this will never break 2:30 in the marathon.

    Going under three hours puts you within the top 5% of marathon finishers in the United States. So going under 2:30 is another level completely.

    But, seeing what runners did prior to running 26.2 miles in under 2.5 hours will give you some framework and guide as to what you can do to take your running to the next level, no matter what level that is.

  • How to Repair Technical Apparel

    It’s always tragic when we spend a good amount of money on some great athletic or technical gear and they get damaged in some way.

    Here’s a a quick, easy, and economic solution for when any of your apparel or gear is torn or ripped. 

  • Use disappointment as motivation


    We all have bad runs, training weeks, or even whole training cycles leading up to a poor race.

    There are two ways consider poor time performances.

    1. You can look at it as a failure and get yourself down about it.
    2. You can look at it as a challenge and motivation to work harder.

    Let’s dive deeper in to #2!

  • Quick Tips for your Next Hilly Race

    Photo: Mark Warren

    Below you’ll find some quick thoughts that you will be able to put in to practice during your next hilly event and more importantly be able to remember during the event!


  • 2016 Fargo Half Marathon Recap



    On May 21st I ran my first A race of 2016, a half marathon in Fargo North Dakota, USA.

    We’ll start with what I’ve done leading up to the event, then move into what proceeded immediately pre-race, then go into how the run went. 

  • Prep for Races at Elevation: Do’s & Don’ts

    Unless you live in the mountains, chances are you’re going to travel to a race at a higher elevation than where you live, at some point in your running career.

    Let’s talk about a few things you can do to prepare for this day. 

  • What are Muscle Knots?

    Chances are you’ve rubbed someone’s shoulders and said “you have a knot” and have someone massage you and suggest the same.

    Like dark matter, “knots” seem to be some universal truth that we don’t really know much about and assume to just be there.

    But, have you ever actually wondered what a muscle knot is?!? Wonder no more!

  • I did X for Y days and this happened

    Have you ever done a health or fitness experiment for a period of time?

    Making a drastic life change for a short period of time is a great way to instill new lifelong habits. Going 100% for a mere 30 days can make going 50% for the next year quite manageable.

    Below are some interesting experiences people have had with life changes for a short amount of time. See what they learned and maybe you’ll be inspired to try something new!