• Your Guide – Run Crazy Horse 13.1 / 26.2

    One of the fastest races in South Dakota, the Crazy Horse Half and Full isn’t as easy as the net downhill would let you believe.

    Let’s tackle some of the ins and outs of this rails to trails course!

  • Run Lock Review

    This summer I was volunteering as a course marshall towards the finish of a tail run.

    I was waiting for all runners to come through and a lady who had ran passed already came coming up the trail, going the wrong direction.

    She frantically asked me if anyone had given me or mentioned a dropped key fob. I said no and she grudgingly continued back on the race course in search of her key.

    The Run Lock is designed to prevent this from ever happening.


  • Running Form Analysis

    Recently I provided video of myself running to Run Smart Online for an analysis of my technique.

    While the below thoughts and considerations are based on my own movements and weaknesses, there is much that you can learn about running form by watching the videos. It’s likely you’ll learn something new that you can apply to yourself! 

  • Why did I get light-headed post-race/run?

    This is a not altogether rare occurrence.

    You stop running and dizziness consumes your head.

    Why is this  happening and what should you do?

  • Why & How: The Cool Down

    Often neglected and certainly not getting the attention it deserves, the cool down is important for a number of reasons.

    Below, I’ll make the case for why you should take the time to move from a slow jog to a walk as you end your run.

  • How to Avoid Black Toenails

    Contrary to popular running lore, black toenails are NOT a requirement.

    While flesh wounds are typically considered less severe than something like plantar fasciitis or shin splints, blisters and black toenails are injuries nonetheless.

    Below let’s go through why, how, and what to do with black toenails.

  • How to Train for an Ultra

    Recently I was asked how to train for an ultra marathon and how is training an ultra different from a marathon on Twitter.

    I thought the question and answer interesting enough to elaborate here a bit.

    Previously I’ve done ultras ranging from 50k to 100 miles and have a treadmill distance personal best of 52.4 miles, so I hope I know a thing our two about going long!

  • What to do after a morning long run


    No, you cannot just eat ice cream and sit on the couch all day.

    But, that’s not a bad idea.

    If you want to take your post-long run game to the next level, check out the below suggestions.

  • Combating Invasive Species

    Traveling to trail races, camping adventures, or road trips are common activities during the warmer spring, summer, and fall months.

    Much effort is spent planning these outings, however it’s been my personal experience that I’ve spent very little time considering how my traveling to different parts of the country for these outdoor activities impacts the nature that I am enjoying.

    Luckily there are people who dedicate their days to protecting our environment from the threat of aggressive invasive species. One of them, SKORA Ambassador Erika E and supervisor of the Teton County Weed and Pest District has put together a list of ways you can do your part.

    You certainly do not have to do them all, but even doing a bit here and there has a positive impact on the local environments.


  • Fastest Marathon in each U.S. State

    Scenic is nice.

    Crowd support is a bonus.

    Good weather is always a blessing.

    But sometimes it’s fun to just run fast! If you’re looking for a marathon PR, below are arguably the fastest single marathon in each U.S. State.

  • Bare Minimum Gear Needed to Run


    Running is a pretty darn simple activity to participate in.

    Odds are you probably have everything you need to start, right now in your house.

    Let’s break down the “necessary gear” into a few different levels.

  • Athletic Brands You’ve Never Heard of

    Until now.