Your Changing Footstrike


People typically place themselves in to one type of movement group and assume they’re always that way.

However research shows that not to be the case.


As you run, your footstrike, cadence, and degree of pronation all are constantly changing.

Early in a run you may make initial ground contact with a more forward footstrike, however even after fifteen minutes you may begin to use a more midfoot/wholefoot landing. Run longer, and even a forefoot striker will probably be rearfoot striking.

Pronation also changes based on numerous factors. Even a neutral shoe can induce more pronation than running barefoot can. Other factors that can increase pronation are tight calves, weakness of the posterior tibialis, and more.


And if you read or are told that someone has a cadence of 184 steps per minute, that’s definitely not always going to be true. From the above real world examples, you can see cadence goes way up with speed and even on a downhill section at the same effort compared to an uphill bit of road.

So, this is simply a reminder that your body is constantly doing different things, and that’s ok. Variation may reduce your risk of injury.


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