What to say when someone doesn’t like running



Nothing at all.

Instead, you show them how you like running, what it does for you, and how much it improves your life in whatever ways it may.

I know, it may be mind blowing that someone does not like running, but consider a hobby of theirs that you may not enjoy. Maybe they’re a knitting freak and you can’t believe they actually enjoy spending an hour knitting. They probably feel the same way about your running.


Be a passive activist for running.

How how it improves your mood, motivates you to strive and push yourself, maybe you lost some weight. These benefits that exhibit as a passive activist of running to onlookers are far better than pushing the hobby on to someone. Much like politics, religion, or dietary beliefs, pushing an idea on to someone is more likely to push them away.

So, if you’re trying to get your spouse to become a runner, give it time. Take them to some events for some potential inspiration. If they decide to give running a try, help guide them, but if they show no interest, that’s ok too.