Weekend Reads


Below are some of the best articles we’ve come across recently.

Hopefully you can take some time this weekend or another time to read a few of them and gain some knowledge to improve your life.



The Easy Way to Figure Out if You Have a Food Intolerance / Greatist.com / “After those first 21 days of avoiding certain foods, you should feel better.”

The Power and Importance of Mitochondria / TrainingPeaks.com / “What this means is that by exercising, you are essentially asking your body to provide you with more energy and it responds by revving up its own cellular machinery.”

7 New Ways to Look at Your Running: 3D Strength, Caffeine Bliss, and Other Fun / StrengthRunning.com / “The only thing that can be unhealthy about coffee is what you put in it”

The Weird Tricks Experts Use When They Can’t Sleep / Greatist.com / “we turned to the experts to find the weird tricks they use—from massaging their eyes to doing some difficult math—to fall asleep fast.”

How to Wash your Athletic Gear / skorarunning.com / “We athletes may spend a great deal of hard earned money on our gear, so it is important to clean them with care so these items last you a long time.

The Simple Diet for Athletes / t-nation.com / “You don’t need anyone to tell you that candy, cookies, sodas, junk food, fast food and excess booze are wrecking your body or at least hampering your progress. Actually, maybe you do.”

Trail Runners vs Road Runners / TrailRunnerMag.com“Road races are meticulously measured and certified; trail runs might be a few miles long, give or take a mile or two.”