Weekend Long Read

While you have some extra time this weekend, we hope you enjoy these long reads!

Insights into Great Running Posture | James Dunne at Kinetic Revolution | “So what constitutes good running posture? There are many elements from head to toe, in all three planes which on a segmental level interact to create a balanced posture.”

Hacking Plantar Fasciitis | Jason Fitzgerald at Strength Running | “Depending on the severity of the injury, you can usually treat it and be back running with 3-7 days. Within two weeks, you should be back to your normal training.”

13 Things You Didn’t Know about Running Shoes | Brian Metzler at Competitor | “The notion that runners should be fit into one of three types of shoes — neutral, stability and motion control — based on how much they pronate was probably always a flawed mechanism.”

What Happens When You Eat 1000 Calories a Day | Matt Metzgar | “To me, this study shows that giving a 1,000 calorie a day diet to a sedentary person is a recipe for disaster.”

The Awful Truth About Jogging | Charlotte Druckman at Medium.com | “Instinctively, I turned to Facebook, where there’re a solid three-dozen runners in my network (I know this because they won’t shut the fuck up about it)”

What is Under-Recovery? | Ben Greenfield | “You roll out of bed, shake out the legs and they don’t feel too bad. The shoulders don’t feel tight and restricted. Your eyes aren’t overly droopy. So off to the workout you go. You’re recovered, right?”