Use a standing desk for recovery?


There is little doubt in people’s minds that spending 8 hours a day sitting at work and a few more at home is bad for our heath. The rise of the standing desk, in the last few years specifically, is a result of this increased awareness.

However, could the use of a standing desk eventually increase your ability to recover from stressful workouts?

The theory is that while standing, you are causing an increase in circulation. Improved blood flow means an increase in the amount of oxygen and nutrients brought to the muscles to help them rebuild. This standing can also keep the muscles warm and loose to avoid the stiffness associated with prolonged sitting. Standing can potentially lead to strengthened muscles as well, from your feet all of the up your body.

This prolonged position in a chair also has negative physical effects. It shortens the hip muscles, lengthens your backside, and then you suddenly stand up and expect your muscles to work properly during a run? Some health professionals even believe sitting is one of the major causes of muscle imbalances, which can lead to running injuries.

Have you tried a standing desk? Just with anything, remember to ease into it slowly.


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