Unwritten Rules and Weird Runner Quirks

We runners are sort of a breed of our own.

As a group may have some odd habits that are exclusive to our own or perhaps to other endurance athletes of various sports.

There are a multitude of interesting habits most of us likely practice that simply happen without being noticed. Or perhaps they’re noticed but they seem completely normal.

But then again, we’re runners…we’re not normal.


Below are some habits and quirks of runners, any that we missed?

While running easy on a track, try to yield the lane to someone doing a speed workout

Males run on the traffic side of a female runner.

When near traffic, run defensively as if I’m invisible.

Look up past race results of other people signed up at races you’re attending.

Wear your medal the next day, at least for a few minutes.

Wear the race shirt during the race.

Never wear the race shirt until after the race.

Call a bad race a tempo run.

Definitely wear your medal to the post-race meal.

Skip club sports, in a fear of getting hurt.

When at a stop where a car is planning on turning, run behind the car.

Yawning at stop signs.

When passing a runner, breath as quietly as possible to appear like you’re not running hard at all.

Trying not to hit other runners with snot rockets.

Running in shorts and a jacket, gloves, hat.

Being completely unrealistic about where you should line up at the start.

Jog in the outside track lanes clockwise to warmup.

Trying to fart silently while in the presence of ladies.

Run two wide if in a group run on a road with traffic.

Try to say hi to other runners you pass, regardless of how fast or slow they are moving.

When approaching a female running wearing earbuds on a path, move as far away as possible to pass.

Did we miss any?!?

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