Truths for All Runners

There are as many running goals as there are types of runners.

From the ones that wish to complete a distance, to the ones that have a time goal for certain races.

Regardless of what your aspirations are as a runner, there is a small list of truths that will benefit 99% of people who put on a pair of trainers (or don’t) and enjoy covering the miles.

Make Gradual Changes

Irregardless of what the change is, the slower and more gradually it is done, the higher chance of success. Be it adding in speed work, more volume, new shoes, or new terrain. Giving your body enough time to adapt to new stressors will result in the healthiest changes over the long term.

General Strength & Mobility

Consistency is so so important when it comes to being a healthy runner. Perhaps one of the best ways to ensure consistent running is having the strength and mobility to avoid injuries intermittently interrupting your training. There are various methods of strength training which can be done, from hills and speedwork to time in the gym lifting weight or doing classes.

Long Runs

For newer athletes with goals of successfully covering distances, long runs are crucial to increasing their fitness. In most cases, the more you run, the better of a runner you will become. For new athletes, slowly building a good average weekly volume with the long run will give you the time on your feet necessary to reap the benefits of increased volume.

Long Tempo Runs

For the seasoned athlete who is no longer looking to just finish their races comfortably, this type of run is arguably the most important of the basic categories. It provides an incredibly strong physiological stimulus, but also stresses the mind in ways that an easier long run cannot due. Because of the tempo effort, it more closely mimics how you will feel on race day, so you can test various nutrition and gear for the race.

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