Things that are awesome about running

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Currently I have two fitness pursuits – crossfit and running. While I found crossfit less than two years ago, I have been a lifelong runner and have trouble going to sleep at night if I haven’t recorded at least a few miles. I put together this quick list of things I love about running – I hope you like it. Feel free to comment and share your own.

1) The simple fact that no matter how far or short you’ve run – you can always choose to run a few more steps, one more sprint or another mile. Running is freedom.

2) I love seeing people running at odd hours like 5 a.m. or 10 p.m. at night. There’s an understanding when you make eye contact with another runner at that time. They understand it’s a healthy addiction and that they do what it takes to make sure the runs happen.

3) I love that my girlfriend loves to run and that we can count on one or two quality time runs a week even with our crazy schedules.

4) I love finding new gear and trying new shoes.

5) I love that there are NO SPEED LIMITS for runners. We go as fast or as slow as we must to get the miles in.

6) I love that point in each run where your mind and body begin to tire and you think .. well I could turn back now and that would give me 3.5 and then you remember that the goal was 4 miles and you finish it out.

7) I love how a great run feels the moment it’s completed.

8) I love the community. I look forward to the every other week #runchat on Twitter and all the awesome people who share their stories.

9) I love 4 mile races. Four miles will always be my favorite distance.

10) I love that moment when you get so exhausted in a run, that everything else fades away. Any negativity or bad thoughts from the day, any grudges or anger .. all of it’s gone in those moments. All you can think about is – let’s get this run done.