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Things Runners Hate

Things Runners Hate

We’ve all dealt with these, just comes with the territory.


We’ve all dealt with these, just comes with the territory.

“Did you win?”

No, no I did not. Not that I was even trying.

“I do marathons, 5k’s are my favorite distance”

That is not a marathon.

Complains about how much we eat.

Being a runner means every pizza is a personal pan pizza.

People who chat with you during races.


Forgetting the chafing creme

I usually don’t hate this under I get under the shower…

The first month of the new year.

Watch out, the “new years resolutioners” are coming! But in truth…we’re glad they are trying and hope they succeed. We’ll probably do all we can to help them out, too!

GPS tan lines.

Yes, that’s the shape of a Garmin 305 on my wrist.

When people draft me then sprint past.

Ok, so racing is part of the game. But do your own part before you drop me in the last mile.

“Good job” after a bad performance.

Yes I finished, but I finished way off my goal time. It was not a “good job”.

People who wake up “early”.

Having to wake up early on a Saturday to run 20 miles gives every right to be annoyed by people who complain about waking up at 9am.


I hate it right before I start the workout. I couldn’t live without it once I am running.

What else would you add?

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