The Ultimate Homemade Turmeric Tea Recipe


I’ve been drinking turmeric tea since 2013 when I found a homemade tea recipe for it.

More recently I’ve simply been purchasing regular ginger + turmeric tea and adding a few things to it to soup it up, however I managed to dig up the original recipe from Mickey Trescott to share with you here.


If you google for health benefits of ginger or turmeric there are hundreds of thousands of articles on the subject. We’re not going to go into that here, but the two previous links are great resources.


Since the main health component of turmeric, curcumin, is fat soluble there is a bit of olive oil added.

The peppercorn may also increase absorption of curcumin, which is why it is added.

If you want to add anything else to the mixture, I’ve seen cayenne included as well.

To really simplify this, you could purchase some turmeric ginger tea and simply add a bit of oil and peppercorn to it. I’ve made this in a french press. It tastes more subtle and is quicker to make, however likely not as health potent.


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