The specifics of “Run Real”

I recently received the Spring/Summer 2013 line of SKORA running shoes, and was very excited to see that my favorite brand had taken their already outstanding models one step further.

Because of the rejuvenation I felt in these updated shoes, I was inspired to employ their brand motto of “Run Real” to training applications that every runner can follow.

Read below to see if you Run Real, and I hope you find these tips valuable to your upcoming spring and summer races!

R– Run, lots; in order to perform at your best, you must have a solid background of consistent aerobic running under your belt. It takes ten years to develop your “aerobic house”, and the gains made during this time will help carry you throughout your running career when maintained diligently.

U– Understand every workout you do. From very slow recovery jogs, to intense track intervals, know the “what” and “why” of your training so that you can focus on the goal of the day to accomplish your goals for the year.

N– Never think you that you are incapable of attaining a realistically lofty goal. Set your sights on big objectives, be bold with your training and racing aspirations, and enjoy the journey along the way; the experience is worth far more than the race itself in the long-term.

R– Relax in training and racing. Don’t sweat the small details, and know that some things are out of your control (weather, a hectic work schedule, family duties..). The more relaxed your mind is in regard to hard training, the more readily your body will respond to the work you do.

E– Ease into new stresses. These may be unfamiliar workouts that challenge you greatly, transitioning to minimal footwear, or focusing on a new race distance. Whatever the case may be for you, take a gradual approach and be patient- the rewards of new stimuli will come in time.

A– Always obey your body’s need for rest and recovery. While “rest” has different meanings to different runners, we all intuitively know when something may be a little too much. Never cross that fine line.

L– Live your running: all day, every day. Even when you are miles from the track or trail, lifestyle factors like getting proper sleep, eating well, and doing the ‘two-percenters’ (strengthening, stretching, icing sore muscles, etc.) are just as important to your athletic success as any training session.

Put the above tenets of sound training into play for 2013 and into the future, and reap the rewards of your diligence!

Run Real.

Peyton Hoyal
Head Coach- Pulse Racing Team
Originally posed here

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