The Running Event 2011

The Running Event (TRE) earlier this month in Austin, TX was SKORA’s first trade show and brand launch. Pulling off an event like this is not exactly…relaxing. But, hard work has its rewards.

For us, the greatest reward was finally being able to share our story, face-to-face, with shoes in hand. With so much buildup, excitement, speculation, you name it – the moment the booth was complete with lights on and shoes hanging – was the moment it all felt so Real.

SKORA’s reception was fantastic. Everyone – from the retailers who had never heard of us, to those who have been following us faithfully, took great interest in what we are doing as a company.

We set out to create the best running shoe, because as runners, we deserve the best. And more importantly, to help runners stay injury free, for life. When it comes to running shoes, we believe that performance can be beautiful.

To those of you who have been following, encouraging, and believing in us, we cannot thank you enough. Thank you for spreading the SKORA love, helping us get the word out, and being the driving force of what we’re trying to achieve. We hope you stay along for the journey. Run Real.

SKORA TRE 2011 SS12 Collection photo