The 5 Coolest Types of Runners


You’ve likely seen the lists of various types of runners.

Like this one.

And this one here.

Oh, and let’s not forget this video!

All joking aside, what about that list of best of the best runners? The ones who inspire all of us and we really look up towards, no matter how fast or slow you are, those are who I’m talking about, now.

The Coolest Runners we all Know

Those Who Say F the Weather

The bearded guys who come back with more ice than beard on their face. The ones wearing snowboarding goggles while running in the blizzard. These runners will go out in almost all conditions to get the run done, and we’re a bit jealous of them.

Ladies Who Kill It

Women are dominating the half marathon and even kicking male butt at the ultra distances. There’s no shame in being ‘chicked’, that just means she’s faster than you, same as any other athlete.

Overweight Athletes

They’ve overcome their fear (false events appearing real) to get out into the public and get it done. It takes a lot to lace up the shoes and head out the door for a workout. Trust me, I know it’s harder when you’re embarrassed about how you look.

Elderly Runners

The grey fox with the mustache who is older than your parents and has been running for twice as long as you’ve been alive, but he can still make you suffer during a long run. We all hope we’re half the athlete these people are, when we’re “elderly“.

Back of the Packers

They may look up to the faster runners, but the faster runners would be fools to not look towards these athletes for inspiration. A fast ultra marathoner may finish a 100 miler in 15 hours, while the last runners may come in 10-15 hours later. That takes a great deal of grit and determination to run that long!!

(and a bonus) The Treadmill Runners

On the flip side of the blizzard runners, these people have the mental strength to do long run without actually going anywhere, all the while looking at themselves in a mirror, watching a movie, or not looking at anything at all. That’s some mental toughness!

And let’s not forget runners who can pull of shorts like this

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