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Confessions of an overpronator

Confessions of an overpronator

For years I was told something was wrong with me. Not quite right. Not ideal. I visited experts and they made recommendations. I would walk around their office, barefoot, and they would suggest different types of support and fixes. Maybe go into a running store and jump on a treadmill to be ...
Lets look at a couple studies and discuss how to apply them to training. The first is a five month study titled Effect Of Increased Mechanical Stimuli On Foot Muscles Functional Capacity was done to look at how muscles adapted to wearing minimal shoes compared to more traditional footwear. The in...
Everyday it seems the running shoe market is growing larger. The walls of your local running store are probably overflowing with the “newest and greatest” minimal shoe. So how do you choose from this glut of lightweight shoes? We at SKORA have amassed quite a bit of knowledge in the last few year...


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