Supportive Shoe Wearers & SKORA



All of our footwear is neutral, meaning there is no built in motion control or stability.

This is often worrisome for those who have habitually worn supportive shoes and may be concerned about purchasing neutral footwear.

Below are a few recent reviews from SKORA customers who have mentioned their use of supportive shoes and now our neutral options.

Hopefully this helps calm the nerves when purchasing a first pair of neutral and possibly minimal shoes. Something that’s very important to point out is that we’re certainly not saying you have to stop wearing your supportive trainers and go fully into neutral and/or minimal shoes like ours! Wearing a variety of footwear may help lower injury risk.


“I’ve been wearing ASICS gel Kayano running shoes for quite a few years because I needed the support and cushioning they offered. I have experienced absolutely ZERO problems with arch support, heel comfort, knee comfort or even my hips and back with the zero drop design.” – Kelly P


This was my first venture into a zero drop, minimal shoe, and I was initially a bit skeptical with this trend towards minimal shoes, particularly because I am flat footed and was concerned that the arch support would not be adequate. I previously had been running in Asics Gel Forte’s and had been happy with those, but whoa!!, when I ran in the Skora Tempos, it was an eye opening experience. The shoe runs fast. My first run was quite a bit faster than I had expected, and I attributed this to my exuberance at running in a new shoe, but subsequent runs provided the same fast, responsive results. My initial concerns with lack of support turned out to be unfounded. The shoe’s insole is sufficiently wide in the mid-foot area to provide adequate support for flat feet, contrary to some other minimal shoes whose insoles narrow severely in the area of the arch. Note that I normally wear orthotics to address the natural over pronation of my feet. While it is true that everyone’s feet pronate when running, it is equally true that maintaining a mid to forefoot strike reduces on the amount of pronation that occurs, or at least that has been my experience with this zero drop shoe. The insole of the shoe is both firm and remarkably comfortable and the wide toebox is a welcome change from the typical running shoe. I have also run in winter conditions with these shoes and have been quite happy with the traction. Overall, I couldn’t be happier.” -Happy M


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