SKORA Mother/Daughter Shoe Review


Skora Running Shoes:  A Mother/Daughter Review

One of the best things about being a mom is sharing my love of running with my children. My oldest daughter has taken on her own love of running and now encourages me to be out there, trying new trails, learning new terrain, laughing all the way. It is tough to find a running shoe that can keep up with our mild trails and road running. Combine that with the growth injury that my daughter has, and it makes it very difficult to find the right shoe.

I like to be able to wear the same shoes as my daughter, as a way to truly know what her toes are feeling, however we do not have the same needs when it comes to running shoe.

Finding a shoe that fits her needs as well as mine was impossible until we came across SKORA. This brand is definitely onto something with their variations in sole thickness. This variation opens their footwear up to a wider audience.  They do not sacrifice or limit the toe box while adding a bit more cushion, designed for those running longer distances. Or, in our case, a runner who has a growth injury and needs a little more cushion while running on the road.


The SKORA Fit has a 16mm sole combined with a wide toe box that was a perfect fit for my daughter’s running form, pace, and knees.  The “No tongue” design eliminated any un-due pressure on the top of her foot, while the asymmetrical lacing system provided stability for her very narrow feet.

The FIT come in two colors in sizes ranging from 5-11. We initially ordered a size 5 as that was what she was wearing in all her other shoes, but they were too small. The exchange process was flawless, and SKORA sent us a pair of size 7 that fit just right. I cannot say that this is because SKORA run particularly small. My guess is her size discrepancy was more to do with her sudden growth spurt.

Here is her direct feedback: 

I really like my SKORAs. They are extremely comfortable. I like the look and style, although I wish they had a different color in my size. They are my first choice for running shoes and everyday shoes. I really just like to wear them all the time.


While she was running in the FIT; I was running in the CORE. And oh, that Goat Leather is the best material to run in: breathable, warm, water resistant, soft and flexible. I was very curious and pleasantly surprised by how the goat leather felt around my feet. It was surprisingly supple and warm while still breathing well. I ran through Zero degrees on the snow and ice and 80 degree days and found my feet were neither too hot nor too cold in either temperature. Here is what Skora has to say about their Goat Leather:

The Upper material used on this product is Pittards® Armor-Tan® WR100X® Goat Skin Leather. Thanks to the superb natural properties of leather and combined high tech treatments, runners can enjoy superior fit and responsiveness in all conditions. WR100X® is a unique tanning process. Although water is prevented from getting in, WR100X® leather is still breathable and will allow perspiration and air to pass through leather.

One other aspect I love about the SKORAs that I notice other manufacturers are adopting as well is the reflective detailing. What a stupendous idea. Because, as we all know, not all runs happen in the bright of day. Often, I am running with my daughter in the wee hours of the morning, and I am thankful for the extra safety precautions that SKORA added.

The Outsole

The ground feel is just enough without being too minimal for me. I found the 11 mm sole to have the perfect amount of minimalism versus protection while running on various terrain.

The rounded outsole took some getting used to. SKORA devised this truly unique to sole to better mimic the natural movement and shape of the foot. They even include a rounded heel “to encourage a more natural running form and curved sides for a better stride transition.” I had to experience this to believe it. I tested it. I ran in my SKORAs for 6 weeks then switched to my other shoes. I could not wait to get back into my SKORAs. I had to work harder in my other minimalist running shoes to run properly, even though they only had a 3mm sole. My SKORAs let me know when I was running ….shall we say “lazy?” The curved heel does not allow for an improper heel strike because it is more uncomfortable. Eventually, I got used to the rounded outsole, and now I prefer it.

When I cannot run barefoot, I choose my SKORAs because they truly feel like the next best thing in terms of foot placement and form. They do not have the best ground connectivity, compared to some other more minimalist options. Still,  I prefer the SKORAs because I find my foot lands in much the same position as when I am running barefoot.


Here again, Skora is able to focus on a wide audience with shoes ranging from $100-$190 with multiple sales throughout the year (I have seen prices drop to as low as $60 during some sales). The FORM with the goat leather are their most expensive shoe, but they are well worth the price. If you have read any of my other articles, you will remember my philosophy on how to shod a family of 7. A family needs to have a footwear budget. Save a little each month, and you will be able to purchase the right shoes for your feet when the time comes.

Finding the perfect running shoe is very personal. I have found that the Skora Core is my perfect running shoe. My daughter found that the SKORA Fit is her perfect running shoe. If neither one of those interests you, you can try the Phase or Form. Choose a sole that will work for your running needs, and your feet will thank you.