SKORA Form: My New Found Love

Thanks goes out to Ray for this recent review at his blog.

“Something switched in 2010 with my thinking and I went to the heavier shoes, and I have been paying for that ever since. I had broken bones in both feet and wrecked my ankles in bad ways more than once prior to running light in 2008. By running light, I strengthened both of my feet and ankles. And thus by going “heavy” again, my feet and ankles were weakened. After reading reviews from major running companies about how their “rock plates”, “extra cushioning”, and “medial posts” would benefit the runner, I bought in. Needless to say, these major running companies were selling the consumer/runner a pile of BS. They didn’t help at all. In fact, people have sustained more injuries because of these “supportive” shoes. It was time for me to start over. I started looking at minimal shoes, but didn’t want to go as far as Vibram’s or straight barefoot. For some reason, Vibram’s and barefoot never appealed to me. Call me a wimp but I like my feet covered and with a little protection.

And then a little over a month ago I found SKORA.”