SKORA Affiliate Program

Introducing the SKORA Affiliate Program!

If you are a personal trainer, passionate about real and natural running, care about great design, a gym owner, or a blogger, and want to get in on making some extra money while spreading the Run Real love, check out the affiliate page!

We supply all of the banners, provide a discount code for you to share, and give you a nice return rate.

All you need to provide is the passion!

Here are our top 5 pieces of advice for affiliates:

1) Know the product
It’s a safe bet that most of you reading this have already worn hour shoes, so you have first hand knowledge. Also read other’s reviews, take a look around our website, get to know the shoes.

2) It’s about the relationship
With affiliate marketing, it’s about people who already care about the product (you) simply promoting something they already love, our shoes! Your interest, use, and excitement for the product will sell the shoes for you.

3) Cover all of your bases
We provide banners for blogs and websites. We provide a code that can be given to interested people via social media. There is a link you can use to direct people to that tracks it back to you. You could even make business cards and include your own code or link on them!

4) Be honest
Don’t hide the fact that you’re an affiliate. This shows the product in question is something you genuinely support and care about. Also be honest about the shoes. They won’t work for everyone. Some may need more material underfoot, some may need more protection for ultra technical trails.

5) Have fun
This is our way to support you, while you support us at the same time. It also brings you a bit closer to the company of SKORA. We’re pretty easy to get along with, check out our Facebook, G+, or Twitter!

If you have any questions about the program, visit the above linked page or contact for more info!