Shoe Characteristics


While we do feel our shoe design and layout is much more simple than that of most running shoe brands, some explanation may still be necessary for new customers.

Below you’ll find a bit of a breakdown of the options, to hopefully help you select your new pair. It is important to always remember that no matter what anyone else has to say, the best shoe for you is going to be the that’s most comfortable and fits your needs most optimally. These are just suggestions!

And of course, we’re always available via email and often through the live chat here at the website if you have any questions!


We have five models. TEMPO, FIT, FORM, CORE, PHASE. Below are what we would suggest for different shoe characteristics based on our own experiences and those of our customers.

Most Cushioned: TEMPO, followed by the FIT

Least Cushioned: PHASE & CORE have the same sole thickness.

Most Durable: The sole on FIT and FORM is the most durable sole. However the leather upper on FORM and CORE is the most durable upper. Thus, FORM is likely going to be the overall most durable shoe.

Most Breathable: PHASE and TEMPO both have thin and very breathable mesh uppers.

Warmest: FORM and CORE, with their perforated leather uppers, will be great winter shoes, however don’t fear them during the warmer months either.

Lightest: PHASE and TEMPO are the two lightest models.

Best Trail Shoe: CORE, FORM, or TEMPO, see this article.

Best Long Distance Shoe: Most will prefer the extra cushioning of TEMPO or FIT for longer runs.

Best Track/Racing Shoe: Likely the very light but still cushioned TEMPO

Best for Gym/Crosstraining: Likely the PHASE or FIT

Best Sockless: PHASE or FIT

What do you think? Should we change any of our suggestions?