Shoe Care


You work hard for your money.

If you’re reading this, odds are you’ve invested in a pair of athletic shoes.

Maybe (hopefully!) even a pair of ours!

Now, it’s time to learn how to take care of them so they last as long as possible and keep you moving in comfort. 

These tips will be helpful for any brand and type of footwear. With our own shoes often lasting people twice as long as a regular pair of running shoes, it’s important to take great care of them so they can continue to take great care of your feet.


Even with the best of intentions, incorrect cleaning of a pair of shoes can do more damage than good. We typically recommend simple warm water and hand washing. Taking them into the shower, washing them there, and letting them air dry is a great option Those two methods are super easy on the shoes. A washer and dryer is very rough and can damage athletic gear. Read more here on how to wash running shoes.

Rotating Shoes

It is often recommended for you to purchase two pairs of shoes and rotate them for each run. This is become giving a pair of shoes more time to recover from a run will allow the sole to “rebound” back from the compression you put it under during the run.

This is not necessary with our shoes, as we’ve used a higher density and harder rubber on our outsoles. The result is this material compresses much less, wears away slower, and is much more durable than a more “marshmallowy” sole.

Putting the Shoes on & Taking Them Off

Maybe the most overlooked aspect of keeping shoes in top condition! Do you untie your laces when you remove the footwear?

This is true with any shoe you’ll own. Loosening the laces before you take them off and put them on will help you place you foot into the shoe easier, without having to pull back as strongerly on the upper heel collar. The circled area in the above photo receives a lot of stress if aggressively yanked on, but is not a structural area and not designed for such abuse. Instead it’s designed to be soft and pliable since it’s an area in contact with your ankle. While it is ok to pull on the tab to help bring the shoe onto your foot it’s not meant to be seriously yanked on to shove your foot inside the shoe.

The Laces

More on the laces. Eyelets are a fairly fragile part of the shoe upper since it’s a hole next to a large gap (where the tongue is. While eyelets are designed to withstand some tension and we know some people like very snug shoes, pulling on the laces too much can damage the eyelets. It’s wise to be a slightly careful when pulling the laces snug.

Treating the Leather? 

We have two shoes with leather uppers, the CORE and FORM. The sheep and goat skin from Pittards is pretreated, so does not require any care from the customer. Washing with warm water and letting the shoes air dry will be the best option to keep the material performing at its best.


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