Running VS Jogging


This is an interesting thought, but what is running?

We’re not referring to the philosophical question of “am I a runner?” or “when can I call myself a runner?” but more about the physical act of running vs not running.


Technically, running is the act of moving your feet more rapidly than walking and most importantly, for an instance both feet are off the ground.

Both feet are off the ground.

However, there are definitely paces where you’re not walking but you may have both feet on the ground. So are you not technically running either?

Martin Shorten describes this running technique as grounded running, according to Craig Payne this is “a gait that is at a speed almost immediately above the walk/run transition and there is NO flight phase (which is part of the definition of typical “running”); it is more of a bouncy gait; it is a gait used by slower runners; it is possibly a more economical gait solution at the walk-run transition speed“.

But running vs jogging can also be a difference of semantics, as we see from the definitions provided below by some of our SKORA Insiders:

Any pace that FEELS like I would walk faster, I’d consider to be jogging.” Conor S

Jogging is anything I’m doing that is not part of a workout/race. All workouts require running, regardless of speed so jogging is everything else” Jared F

When I’m not paying attention to things like form, picking up my knees, keeping my head up, when I’m lazy about my running, I’m jogging.” Joanna M

I feel like “jogging” implies aimless activity, while “running” implies purposeful or focused training toward a goal.” Roy S

Personally, the difference between jogging and running is not a physical line, but a mental one. Running is done with a goal, a time, a distance, or an event. Jogging is an activity that involves running, but is the recreational form of running, It lacks goals beyond the nebulous ‘being fit’ or ‘losing weight’.” Dru S

I’ll also occasionally refer to my easy runs as jogging.” Kyle K

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