Running should not hurt!

I still can’t believe that I used to run in heavily cushioned, motion control shoes with inserts.

Finally, I decided to try shoes with less cushioning and after having been a heel striker for almost 28 years I worked hard at learning to run on my forefoot. I went through the painful calves and Achilles tendon period but eventually pulled through. Even tried a little barefoot running but I still need to continue to work on my form.

This year I injured my knee on a hard trail run and was down with the flu. But when I started to run again I was in pain! My knees hurt, my shins hurt and I missed my running.

I remember reading what Mr David Sypniewski said, that “Running should not hurt—ever” I liked what he said about real running.

I decided to get the Skora Form. I just started to run a few short runs in them. The knee pain is almost completely gone. My shins feel great, my legs feel fresh again. My Achilles tendon is slightly tender at the beginning of the run but it soon goes away. Today I got the “RunReal” feeling where I was running the way I should, the rhythm was there, and the moment where your mind starts to drift. I was running again!!!

Therefore I just had write to thank you for a great product! I love the leather, although my wife was concerned about the goat, and the quality is excellent. But now I have found a great shoe I just want to run more. This is real.

Big thanks to Timothy in S. Africa for the email. These really make all the hard work we do worth it!