Running in Autumn


Mt. Hood in the autumn.

Every Wednesday we give our followers a three word limit to describe a topic or question. Last week we asked what three words they would use to describe running in autumn.


Colors Leaves Cool

Brisk, Fresh, Colorful

Leaves, Cooler Temperatures

Cool. Refreshing. Magical. (I live in Florida, I can’t say colors)

Mercifully not hot. or. Prepare For Snow

Not Stifling Hot

Cool, Crisp, Collected.

Cool and beautiful

No Excuses

Muddy squishy trails.

Cool Weather!


Love running anytime

Lots of colors


Crunch of leaves!

“Cool & Crisp”

Cold Wet Muddy!

Sights, smells, trails

Crackling leaves underfoot

Leggings and gloves!

crisp colors

The Colors

Rain, Mud, Falling

Less blistering heat (I’m in Tampa)

Canada is c-c-c-cold!

Smell of Leaves

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