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Running Belts

Running Belts


There are numerous running belts available. Here we take a look at a few choices:


There are numerous running belts available. Here we take a look at a few choices:

Below are a few options. It’s important to note that they’re all excellent choices, and your specific needs or wants may dictate which one is best for you!


First up, the Flipbelt.

You’ll see it above with an iPhone in it, for size reference.

These belts come in various sizes, colors, and a classic or zippered option.

Flipbelt has a number of characteristics that you’ll want to know about:

  • Super easy to get items in and out of the belt, no zipper.
  • Even though it lacks zippers, I’ve never had anything fall out.
  • I wear size 30 pants and according to their size chart I should wear a M flipbelt, however the Small is even a bit large for very fast running. However the small and medium both well for easy running.
  • Because it’s cloth, it will soak up sweat, however I’ve never been concerned with it getting too warm or wet. Maybe for longer/hotter runs that could be a concern.
  • There’s virtually nothing on the belt that could chafe your skin.

Next is the Running Belt Max.

We were contacted by the designer of this belt after he read this original article and he wanted to send us his belt to try out, and I’m glad he did.

What you need to know about this belt!

  • It’s the largest, bulkiest, and heaviest that we tested.
  • However that is simply because it has by far the most storage.
  • Made from lycra like wetsuits, so it handles water very well.
  • With its large number of pockets, I see this is a belt I’d take out for long trail runs where I want to bring some solid calories with me plus the phone. This would be something I’d wear for a trail ultra, for example.



Another great belt option is the SpiBelt.

The above photo is the Performance version with an iPhone vertically in the case, for size reference.

Here are a the must-know characteristics of this belt!

  • One size, but adjustable.
  • No chance of anything coming out with its zipper.
  • However the zipper makes it more difficult to easily remove or put things in vs the Flipbelt.
  • The adjustable section does offer some locations of potential chafing.
  • Because it’s not a fully cloth band going around you, it does not soak up sweat like the Flipbelt.
  • SpiBelt has many many models to select from
  • This belt has small straps made especially for putting nutrition packs on the side of the belt.

Finally, we have the Nathan Hipster.

Upon first inspection it is fairly similar to the Flipbelt as it is a full elastic belt with the pockets and belt being one. However there are a number of differing characteristics:

  • This is the widest belt, so it feels the most secure against your body.
  • It has little “lips” along the top and bottom which help secure it better.
  • For a pro and a con this belt only has two pockets in it on opposing sides of the belt, this is in contrast to the Flipbelt that is basically a pocket and a belt all the way through. It’s nice because you know where each pocket is and the opening is well done, but that also means less storage vs a Flipbelt.
  • But more storage than the single pocket SpiBelt and Nathan!

Are there any belts you use that would like us to add to this article?

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