Run Lock Review


This summer I was volunteering as a course marshall towards the finish of a tail run.

I was waiting for all runners to come through and a lady who had ran passed already came coming up the trail, going the wrong direction.

She frantically asked me if anyone had given me or mentioned a dropped key fob. I said no and she grudgingly continued back on the race course in search of her key.

The Run Lock is designed to prevent this from ever happening.


There are many options for keys, while running.

I normally run with a belt to hold my phone, but like the example above shows, keys can fall out. Hiding the keys somewhere on the car is ok, but all of the hiding spots are pretty standard and someone could quite easily search the exterior of your car for keys at a quiet trailhead.

The Run Lock is an option for securely holding your keys for you while you’re out running.


This is a pretty hefty lock that has a surprisingly large holding area, plenty of space for my key fob and keys.

It is a weather resistant safe that you can place your keys in and secure it anywhere. I recommend locking it under the car to the suspension coils or towing eye to keep it out of site but safe if someone were to come and search your car for keys.

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