While out on a run near a local news station’s broadcast building I frequently see employee cars being driven to and from the location. These vehicles of course have decals on them with the name of the news station.

One day, one of them blew through a stop sign. It was then I realized that person in that car represented the entire news station to me, and they just blew through a stop sign! How do you think that made me think of the news station?

Then this made me consider, it’s possible that to the drivers that I see out during my running, I represent the entire running community to them.

What this means is we are very powerful.

And with great power comes great responsibility.

Every time a driver gives me extra space when they pass, I try to give them a wave as a means of expressing my appreciation. Maybe that wave will turn their bad morning around? Maybe that wave will mean they give the next runner plenty of space as well?

It also means that if we run a red light, drivers see this as well. I always try to mind cross-walks and walk signals while out running. This is a small sign of respect, almost, to the drivers who are hopefully following the rules of the road for themselves.

Finally, next time you’re out on a run and see some type of garbage, pick it up and toss it in a recycling or garbage bin. You’re doing good for the environment and maybe seeing you do this will inspire another person to do the same!

You’re a runner.

You’re very powerful!

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