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With the New Balance Minimus and Brooks PureConnect being discontinued, fans may be looking for an alternative shoe option.

Below are a couple recent reviews from the our website where customers actually mentioned trying our shoes because of the discontinued Minimus.

If you’re looking for an option, definitely check out our CORE!


The Minimus comes in the 12 to 16mm stack height (cushioning) range, so the CORE and FORM are the best options for a replacement.

The PureConnect was 20-16mm thick in the sole, so the FIT or TEMPO are going to be great options, with the TEMPO being a bit more cushioned at 22mm thick and the FIT being a bit less at 16mm.

I have finally found a replacement for the now discontinued New Balance Minimus Road 00’s. I didn’t think a shoe could be better than those and went on a 3 month search looking for a replacement. Having wide feet, the New Balance 00’s were one of the few zero-drop minimalist shoes that was wide enough for my feet. Enter the Core. It feels wider than the 2E and 4E widths of the New Balances. My feet have plenty of room to spread out yet the shoes still manage to fit like gloves. It’s almost as they aren’t there. I recommend removing the insole, as it is basically worthless. Ground feel and overall feel is much better when insole is removed. (Note to Skora: Save your money and leave it out!!). I’ve run on these shoes now for a few weeks at varying distances between 5-10 miles. Shoes show no signs of wear and look and feel great. I find myself looking for excuses to wear them, even when I’m not running. At $150, they are more expensive than your average running shoes, but well worth the price. Buy them…you won’t be disappointed!! – Conrad

I was looking to replace my NB Minimus and found these. I was excited because they fit well straight out of the box with plenty of room in the forefoot without the heal slipping (I did follow the advice to order up half a size). They are also the best shoes that I have found for running on wet pavement. They are unusually grippy on wet, paved streets, but they do not grab dry pavement like a trail running shoe does. – Michelle

SKORA Tempo is a great shoe with similar specs (to the PureConnect) and more room in the toebox. This has been my go-to shoe for shorter training distances (under 10 miles or so) and all my races.” – Aramchek @ Runners World Forums

In regards to sizing, we spoke with a number of our ambassadors who have worn either the Minimus and/or the PureConnect prior to our shoes, and the trend was to order the same size in our FIT model and .5 down in our other shoes. There was some sizing variation, but it was all within half a size. You can visit this sizing video for further guidance! 

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