Keep Your Phone Alive in the Cold


There’s few things more frustrating than being what you think is an hour into your first long and very cold run of the winter, only to find out that your mobile phone that you were using as a GPS has shut down due to the cold.

Does the run count if it wasn’t tracked?

What do I do now?

Do I continue?

Why does your phone shut down in the cold when battery is remaining?

A couple of things happen to a mobile when they get very cold.

  1. The battery life meter is calibrated for room temperature, so the % left may be incorrect, thus causing it to think its dead, only to wake up at home with 30% battery.
  2. Cold temperatures can diminish the capacity of a lithium-ion battery by as much as 50%.

How to keep your phone alive!

There are two great tricks to prevent your from shutting off while having it with you in the cold.

  1. Slip the phone into your mitton or glove next to your palm, to keep it readily at hand and warmed by your body heat.
  2. Instead of using a more common phone arm-band, use a waistband such as a Flipbelt, which keeps the phone next to your core and under any layers, yet more easily accessible than a arm band under the coat sleeve.

Comment below with any further tips and tricks you may have!

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