If You Can’t Be Seen, Forget ’bout the Foot Race

For many runners, summertime is a joy: plenty of warmth, no snow/ice to deal with, and hours upon hours of daylight. When that summer fades into fall and then winter, that light becomes precious. With the ever-increasing darkness each day, staying visible can mean the difference between a successful winter training season and months of forced treadmill time.

Assume You Can’t Be Seen

It’s important that runners be aware of how hard they are to spot while out at night. Drivers, distracted by inclement weather, cell phones, and directional headlights, lose that extra few seconds to spot us streaking across the street. Rule #1 for any kind of evening or early-morning running is simple: assume that no one else can see you.

Shine On

Do as much as possible with the available light by wearing bright, reflective clothes and shoes that will light up when illuminated. Plenty of running stores offer lightweight vests that double as gear holders and even more running apparel manufacturers include reflective material in their clothing.

Get Flashy

But that’s not always enough. Motion AND light, together, offer the best chance for a runner to stay safe. For me, our PHASE-X model is a no-brainer pick every time the sun sets. Because my feet never stop moving, drivers can more easily see that 360° reflectivity as I make my way down the sidewalk.

Light Yourself

No matter how much light we reflect, it’s also important to light ourselves up when we can. Headlamps work well, as do motion-activated lights that can be attached to your shoes to illuminate on impact. Starting today, we’ll be giving away LED lights with each purchase (while supplies last) that can both help keep you seen and show off those new SKORA.

Good luck with your fall/winter running and stay safe out there.