How to Wash Your Gear


We athletes may spend a great deal of hard earned money on our gear, so it is important to clean them with care so these items last you a long time.

How to best wash running shoes has been covered in this article. Here, we’re going to cover the rest of what covers you.


The first method, perhaps the best while traveling, is to simply jump into the shower with them on.

Lather up your running shorts and top along with the rest of you. Hand-washing can save you some coins or a smelly dirty clothes bag while away from the house. Simply let them air dry while you’re out, and they should be good to go for another use. This is probably not a long term method of keeping them the cleanest, but it is very easy on the often delicate materials and can delay your next running clothes dirty laundry load.

White Vinegar is a very inexpensive option, as you probably have a jug of it at home. Putting a cup in with your detergent can be very effective at killing the bacteria that make your clothes smell. That, or you can soak in vinegar prior to washing. Less popular, but ammonia is also often recommended.

Caps are something I never recommend people put in the washing machine. These are easy to clean in the shower and that keeps them sturdy and lasting long.

There’s always sport specific detergent. I think it’s always a good idea to keep your athletic clothes separate from your others. Both to keep the smelly ones away from the cleaner items, but also this lets you save the often pricier sports detergent for the sports only loads. These are designed specifically for use on sports specific apparel, in an effort to preserve the effectiveness of the gear as well as their structural support, so you can continue to use them for years.

Another tip is to not dry them in the dryer. If you have the option, hang drying sports apparel, which is typically light and delicate, is the safest option. If you must use a dryer, putting them on the lightest setting will keep them safest.


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