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How to run with a dog

How to run with a dog

*that stops and pees every two minutes.

You probably would not be here if your dog was such that he or she can run along with you on or off a leash without hindering your running groove.

However, if your dog is the type that constantly loves to stop and smell or pee on the roses, here are a few tricks or tips to help your training. 

Recovery Runs

These are runs typically done the day after a long run or hard workout at a very slow and relaxed pace.

The purpose of recovery runs are not actually to enhance recovery but to provide stimulation for the legs to adapt and grow, since you’re running on tired and fatigued legs.

For a dog that frequently stops and would hinder you from running a constant fast pace, this workout type is ideal. As long as the pace of a recovery run is not too hard, the pace does not matter. What’s important is getting out for a little time on tired legs. If this includes frequent stops by the dog, so be it.


This is a term to describe when you run twice in one day.

A double usually takes place at least three hours after the end of a morning run, which could have been a hard workout or not.

The purpose of a double is the same as a recovery run, to restimulate the body from running on slightly fatigued legs. Also like the recovery run, the pace is of little importance. You just want to spend a little time on your feet!


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