How to Run an Evening Race


It’s fairly typical for most running events to take place in the mornings when temperatures are cooler.

This is convenient because it’s hard to screw up the 12 hours pre-morning race since you’re likely sleeping for most of it. However with a PM event you have plenty of time and opportunity to sabotage the event.

Let’s dive in to a few pointers to prevent this from happening.

Don’t Eat too Much

In my experience this is certainly the most difficult part of evening races and runs.

What I recommend is a fairly substantial breakfast, one that will hopefully keep you satisfied for much of the morning. After that, it is likely best to eat a fairly minimal amount of food to prevent any stomach issues occurring during the event.

Before my evening Panama International Half Marathon I ate an omelet for breakfast and basically drank a homemade sports drink concoction for the rest of the afternoon. This gave me the calories I needed for the rest of the day without the bulk of food that could cause issues during the event.

Stay Active, but not too Active

A balance must be found between not sitting around all day and stiffening up and being too active and fatiguing your legs.

In the morning, a very light bike ride or even a walk will do quite well to wake up the legs. Being on and off your feet throughout the morning and afternoon will keep the legs warmed up but not tire them.

Check your Light Batteries

If you’re doing a longer trail race, you may need a light source. This of course would not be necessary for many in-town events with street and city lighting, however if you’re going off road near sunset you may want to bring

Anything else would you recommend for a PM race?

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