How to avoid race day nervousness


Racing is always exciting.

However, no matter how many times you toe the line, some can’t seem to avoid the pre-race jitters.

Your anxiety goes up like the hill during the first mile, and then it’s all downhill from there, but not in the good way.

Let’s make sure you pull up to your next event with your nerves under control, with the following strategies.


You’ve no doubt heard about the benefits of meditation. While you may not want to spend too long in the morning, even two minutes of quiet meditation practice can do a lot to calm the nerves. You can simply take a few moments in your car before you warm up to focus on your breath.

Race More

This may be the most enjoyable method! Like the first speech of Speech 101 compared to the final speech, you get better each time you do it. Racing is a skill and becoming comfortable at it can be as simple as frequently attending such events. You do not have to be at your peak for every race, shorter distances make great training workouts. If you can find a local series, that’s a great opportunity to get some frequent races in.

Visualize a Good Event

The power of visualization cannot be overstated. Go through the start, what you’ll do at the aid stations, even during the warm-up you can practice race pace with some strides. Go through each step of what it’ll take for you to have a successful run, and it shall be so!


You know it! The simple act of smiling or laughing can improve your mood. I’ve even heard of a runner who would listen to a comedian on the drive to races.

What other tricks do you use on race day to stay calm?

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