Happy Feet


I’ve been running in your shoes for the past year now, and as far as I am concerned I will never, ever need to buy another brand of running shoe. Ever.

But now, I am realizing that Skora shoes are also really great walking shoes. I have a pair I only wear for errands, nature walks, city walks, traveling, etc. They are the most comfortable shoes I have.

But wait! There’s more! I am a massage therapist and for years I have been struggling to find a comfy shoe to work in. I began wearing minimalist shoes for massage work a few years ago. Deep tissue massage in particular requires lots of lunges and squats. Most shoes tire my feet and trap my ankle. That’s when I realized that minimalist shoes are the best to wear for this work. My Skoras allow proper range of motion for my ankles and they really support my lower legs, knees, hips- my entire structure! I actually feel like I am strengthening my muscles as I work now.

There’s so much mass production in the world. Quality has taken a turn for the worse. It makes me frustrated. But then I come across a real quality product; something you can see that was created by real people with a focus to help people live better. There’s a place for these shoes in this world. Not just for runners, but for everyone. I think they encourage us to move, which is a pretty terrific thing.

So thank you, thank you, thank you for making the best all around shoe!!

Happy Feet

Tara Bauman, LMT
Elements of Wellness, LLC