Fit Like a Glove

We had a very thorough and well-written email sent in to us on the SKORA Form. With the author’s permission, we would like to share it below:

Initial assessment of build quality: The Skora Forms have excellent build quality, much better than typical for the industry. Proprioception is good when standing or walking with shoes unlaced. The shoe has refreshingly little effect on normal foot mechanics. When standing or walking with the shoes unlaced, movement of the shoe independent of the foot shows a slight but positive tendency to shift inward as the weight comes forward which promotes the foot rolling smoothly onto the first metatarsal before push-off. This encouraging good form and posture without driving/forcing the foot – in contrast to most traditional shoes designs which drive the foot unnaturally or block normal foot/ankle movement.

Assessment after use for walking and initial running: The shoes holding up well structurally. The leather develops a comfortable “shaped to the foot” look. From an aesthetic perspective, you should be aware that a significant number of thread appeared within two weeks of use, giving a “frayed” appearance This does not affect durability, but may be perceived by customers as if the shoe is “falling apart” shortly after purchase.

Walking: Shoe design rewards good walking form and makes overstriding or poor posture while walking very noticeable. Comfortable walking on all surfaces. Rounded heel may initially feel awkward to some wearers who overstride and land too far back on heel, or wearers who are accustomed to over-built shoes with wide, flat heel that has trained them to pronate too early or lock ankle to prevent premature pronation. Rewards good balanced upright posture; reminds wearer when they have their weight too far back and place weight on their heels instead of metatarsals while standing for a period of time.

Wear in casual setting: Received comments from five runners and one non-running but active outdoor enthusiast. Of the runners, three use moderately overbuilt shoes and on occasion relatively “minimal” running shoes; one always wears traditional overbuilt shoes, and one races in racing flats but trains in traditional shoes. All five commented positively on the Skoras, how comfortable they looked, and remarked on the striking design. They all indicated that they liked the visual appearance of the shoe, and would consider purchasing a pair for casual wear.

Observations while running with the shoe laced moderate tightness with and without insole and socks: The Form allows and rewards good gait and posture. The rounded heel is noticeable at slower speeds, less at higher speeds as landing point move from midsole to forefoot landing. The insole accentuates the feel/effect of the rounded heel. The feel of the rounded heel is different, and a positive since it reinforces proper foot strike. The design of the Form fosters proper foot pronation smoothly onto the first metatarsal and easy big toe push-off. The last shape allows the toes to spread naturally, giving good proprioception. The shoe volume at the arch and toe box are excellent with or without the insole.

Observations while running with the shoes laced snugly: Skoras can be laced snugly to fit like a glove, while still allowing the toes to spread naturally as the foot rolls onto to an efficient push-off. They are comfortable and allow good biomechanics whether running at 10 minutes/mile or 5 minutes/mile pace. The shoes work well on all surfaces, whether a paved bike path, a grass field, or a rolling trail.

We of course love hearing any thoughts or comments, good and bad, about our shoes! If you would like to share anything with us, we would love to see your comments and photos at our Facebook page!