Finding what’s right for you

Barefoot and minimalism have come a long way in the last few years; I’d be hard pressed to see anyone today coating a sock with rubber to make their own minimalist footwear. The market is full of minimalist options, barefoot beginner guides and the still-popular over engineered, over-cushioned, stabilizing running shoe.

I’ve talked before about choice and listening to your body. But what about when your body can’t make up it’s mind? Matt Frazier at No Meat Athlete recently posted about his minimalist running saga, moving from Vibrams to a minimalist shoe to minimal trail shoes to “traditional” trainers. What I find really interesting about this story is the reminder that determining how we run as individuals – barefoot, in a minimalist shoe, foot gloves, or all of the above – is a very personal process. And it is, indeed, a process.

I say all this in the spirit of remembering that no people share exactly the same feet and no one product works for everyone (though I’m biased in knowing that SKORA shoes will come pretty darn close!). So I encourage you, as you continue on your journey to finding the right way to run for you, that you try everything.

Happy trails!