David Reese – Charity and Record Attempt


On December 14th of 2012, Eastern Washington University pre-med student, David Reese, will do something few mortals can even contemplate. He is going to run as many miles as possible, in a 24 hour period, on a treadmill.

The world record for this endeavor is 161 miles. David is going to make an attempt at the record, however his main reason for the undertaking is to raise money to support the Partners in Health organization.

“I have chosen to fundraise for this organization after reading about Dr. Paul Farmer’s inspiring mission in the book Mountains Beyond Mountains and other accounts of its impact. The staggering problems of poverty, hunger and disease often seem so overwhelming that we don’t know where to begin — but I’m starting my own small challenge to help fight these problems in poor communities in Haiti, Rwanda, and other developing places around the world.”

We are honored that David has enough confidence in his SKORA shoes to be wearing them during the event. SKORA has donated $250 to Partner’s in Health at David’s campaign page. If David reaches his goal of 150 miles, we will donate another $500. Should David cross the 161 mile mark for a world record, SKORA will pledge $1000 total. We invite others to donate as well!

We interviewed David earlier this week. You can see the local news story and video at KREM.com as well as make a donation to Partners in Health at David’s campaign page.

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